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Student Membership*: Full-time undergraduate students enrolled in accredited institutions of learning and interested in public relations are eligible for this membership. Student memberships run from September 1 - August 31. Students are not required to submit a resume, but it is recommended.

*Student Membership is a non-voting membership. Student members may serve on committees within a professional chapter. Each professional chapter may allow one non-voting member from each class, which include Student and Allied member classifications, to serve on the chapter's board of directors, if that position is so designated by the chapter's bylaws and approved by vote of the chapter's membership.

Note: The student membership rate is reserved for full-time, undergraduate students only, not graduate students.

If you choose to submit a resume, either upload it below as a JPEG or PNG file, or 
email it to us 
as a PDF. You may be asked to provide documentation that you are taking at least 12 credit hours per semester.

By purchasing this membership, you are agreeing to uphold FPRA's Code of Ethics.
Student New Membership
Student New Membership
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I agree to FPRA's Code of Ethics.
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