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Judges' Award Options (Divisions A, B, C & D)

Judges' Award Options (Divisions A, B, C & D)

Presented by judges for an outstanding entry that achieves maximum results while using a minimum amount of money. Chapters have four hardware options.

This award encompasses entries from Divisions A, B, C & D.

Division A:  Public relations programs, or broad-based communications endeavors using two or more public relations tools.

    Division B: Printed Tools of Public Relations including annual reports, brochures, magazines, newsletters, written speeches, news releases or other items.

    Division C: Digital Tools of Public Relations including audio, video or electronic presentations.

      Division D: Student Projects in Public Relations including printed material or multimedia projects.

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      Chapter Name
      Judges' Award
      Title of Entry
      Winners (List up to 3)
      Award Hardware Choices
      5" x 7" Walnut Plaque
      Certificate in 10.5" x 13" Walnut Frame [Subtract $8.50]
      Certificate (Complete) with Folder [Subtract $33.50]
      Certificate (Complete) [Subtract $36.50]
      Certificate (Without Recipient's Information) [Subtract $38.50]
      Base Price: $0.00 Customized Price: $42.50
      • Capital
      • 5" x 7" Walnut Plaque